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Glo Fisher, Glo Fisher ent, LLC, Animal care

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My name is GLO FISHER

​​Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Glo Fisher is a force to be reckoned with. As a world renowned multi-business entrepreneur, empowerment speaker, business coach, author, and philanthropist, she has challenged the odds and used her gifts and talents to reach ultimate success. However, her path was not always easy. While dealing with the harshness of emotional abuse in her home, she decided to be as active as possible outside of the home to escape from it all. She played soccer, joined the swim team, and the wrestling program, and was ecstatic to learn she was offered a full college soccer scholarship. However, after a long 18-hour drive to her new school, she learned that she was only offered a partial scholarship and could no longer afford to attend. Ambitious and determined not to go back home, she used her experience in the youth olympics, and enlisted in the US Navy to offset the college cost.
Shortly after joining the Navy, Glo was blessed to become pregnant, only to be told by her superiors that she would not amount to anything. Determined to prove them wrong, she rose through the ranks becoming a lieutenant and a high ranking position as an automated data processing officer. To date, she has proudly served for almost two decades, and using her skills, expertise, and knack for entrepreneurship, she mastered the art of leadership, perseverance, and  pushing  past  life’s  obstacles  including  divorce, mental and emotional turmoil, health and domestic issues, and becoming a single mother.
Determined not to let life challenges hinder her success, Glo made a decision to go on a road of self-discovery and healing. She also began teaching her 11-year-old daughter Kaaliyah, who was diagnosed with sickle cell disease, how to push past her own challenges. Through journaling and their daily sessions, she was intrigued to learn that her daughter had a love for animals and wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was at this time that K9 and Feline Daycare Service, LLC., a full service pet day care business that provides overnight boarding, home care, baths, pet first aid courses, training, and other services. Her daughter, the CEO, hired her as her first employee and in their first year in business, this dynamic daughter/mother duo started generating revenue and expanding their daily operations.
Always one to give back, Glo decided to write her first book, The Empowered Self: Unlocking Your True Potential, which is a collection of affirmations and lessons to help other people live their passions, and reach their goals. She holds a Masters and Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology from the University of Management and Technology. In addition, she loves traveling, painting, and knitting.

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Glo Fisher, Glo Fisher ent, LLC, Animal care

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